Have You Been Videofied?

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Linder’s newest service gives you the best in security cameras and live monitoring.  Until now, you couldn't have both working together.  Here are the details in a nutshell: It’s 2:00am. Your security camera detects movement outside your home. A 10-second video clip is sent to a Linder monitoring agent who views it to see if it’s your neighbor’s … [Read more...]

How You can Properly Burglar Proof Your Mail Slot

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Mail slots are convenient, for sure, but also can provide easy access to your home. It's important for you to learn how to burglar proof your mail slot so that it still functions, but doesn't give a burglar a free pass to enter your home. Start by making sure you have a solid door installed, with a solid core and a quality deadbolt. Next, install a … [Read more...]

Helpful Security Tips for Those Who Live Alone

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Living alone can present a wide variety of security challenges. That's why it's important to take the following security tips for living alone and incorporate them into your lifestyle: Consider getting a dog. Dogs help ease stress and they provide 24-hour security. Just be sure you select a dog breed that is known to be alert rather than one that … [Read more...]

4 Incredible Security Benefits of Keyless Door Locks

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There are many reasons to install a keyless door lock on your home. The following security benefits of keyless door locks are some things you'll want to consider as you seek ways to enhance your security and make access to your home easier for your loved ones. They are convenient. You'll never have to worry about losing your keys or fumbling for … [Read more...]