Have You Been Videofied?

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Linder’s newest service gives you the best in security cameras and live monitoring.  Until now, you couldn't have both working together.  Here are the details in a nutshell: It’s 2:00am. Your security camera detects movement outside your home. A 10-second video clip is sent to a Linder monitoring agent who views it to see if it’s your neighbor’s … [Read more...]

5 Things Burglars Hate to See

5 Things Burglars Hate to See

If you own a home, then odds are you've invested a lot of time and money into making it just the way you want it. Because of this, you should strongly consider investing in making it more safe and secure as well. The following are five ways that you can deter burglars from robbing your home: Secure your doors and windows – Secure your windows and … [Read more...]

Sonos Offers Great Sound Bars for Your Home Theater

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One feature that will set your home theater (or even just your television!)apart from the rest is a state-of-the-art sound system. When it comes to investing in high quality audio, Sonos offers the best sound bars for your theater or TV room. A sound bar is the ideal solution for someone that wants premium sound, but does not want to invest in a pricey home … [Read more...]